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When I woke this morning, I knew immediately…I was going hunting.

I was hoping to find Sleeve Garters. Aparently they’re extremely hard to find, even for vintage shop owners. I was pleasently surprised though, when I stumbled upon “Joyride” in the antique district of Orange Square, CA this afternoon. Chock full of everything a man would ever need. This shop had it all. From mens rings & varsity cardigans to bow-ties and straight razors. And the shop owners were one of the most charming and knowledgable vintage couples around. Curating their store such as a museum would, you feel as though you’re shopping in a time capsule! And bring along your lady too, she would love this shop for its charm alone…and if not, there’s a huge women’s vintage boutique just next door. ;)

I was having troubles actually deciding what to buy, there were so many items in my hands the decision making process was a workout in itself. I happily ended up with 2 mint-conditioned items. And I love them! The first is a pair of red suspenders with a thin blue, detailed stripe; dating back to the 1940’s. And a custom “new-stock” newsboy cap from the 40’s as well. Both items, when paired with muted colors such as a light blue button-up and white chinos, help highlight your accessories for that true Gatsby’esque look. The key here is to wear light colors and place emphasis on your accessories…let them do the talking.

Back to the hunt.



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